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A Bright Spot to a Trying Month
At the end of last month, my dad was dianosed with a meningioma--a brain tumor. It was encapsulated and turned out to be benign in the end. This whole situation has been hard on my family--especially my dad and mom. I stayed with my mom in Seattle for the first two weeks for my dad's stay at Harborview Medical Center. A big portion of February was ferrying ourselves from Harborview to The Inn at the Virginia Mason (where we were staying).

I returned to Bellingham 2 weeks ago and it's taken some doing to "decompress" from the stress of it all. My mood's been all over the place. My dad returned home to Mount Vernon a few days ago where he's reassimilating to his life (with his head partially shaven).

But, you may be wondering, what's the bright spot?

Well, last Saturday I was able to go to an "Evening with Kevin Smith" Q&A shows in Seattle. This is where a you could stand in line in hopes to interact with "Silent Bob" himself and ask a question (which could ask lead to a half hour plus answer).

When it came time to get to the microphone, my heart was racing. "What do I say to him?" And then it came to me. I asked if he could do a brief "get well" video for my dad with my iPod Nano. He graciously agreed. So, here it is:

As said by Captain Sisko's father, "Even in the darkest times, you can always find something that will make you smile..."

(Addendum to this post, 6.20.2015: in my insensitivity, I should have said that the bright spot was that my Dad was okay. I get so caught up in the "cotton candy" of this world, that I ignore the more important things. He's had to retire and will get to live a rich full life with my Mom. What could be better than that?)


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