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Special Visit to Wichita, KS
I was very fortunate to go with my Dad to Wichita, KS (where I was born) to take him to his 45th class reunion. There I got to see my Aunt Susan and her family. It's been a long time and it's very rare I get to see them (usually half a decade at a time). It's sort of surreal to come to the same place every 5 years or so, and see time pass. My cousins' kids are entering high school for God's sake.

We also got to take a lot of pictures, including my Dad's old neighborhood and the church where he and my Mom got married and where I was blessed. (In a strange twist of fate, it became a Christian-Buddhist meditation hall).

My Dad and I visited the various restaurants (all filled with high calorie Midwester food) and I got to drive a teeny tiny Chevy Spark as we gallavanted all across Wichita. I miss this place and and as I said before, I feel blessed for getting to go.


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