Conscientiously Stepping Out of the Mire

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What I'm Thankful for This Holiday Season
What's Truly Important

I'm thankful that my Dad has survived and recuperated from his surgery from earlier this year. I'm thankful that my parents have a good nest egg to retire on.

I'm thankful that I have the rest of my life to get things right.

I'm thankful that I have friends who care about me.

The Less Profound, but Cool Things I'm Thankful For

I got to meet Kevin Smith (and I have video proof!)!

I have an awesome counselor, prescriber, and hypnotherapist.

I broke through my weight loss plateau and am back in the 260 range of weight.

I'm going to Las Vegas next year!

I'm grateful that I got to go to a trip with my Dad to Wichita, KS and visit his side of the family!

I'm thankful for having an amazingly wonderful volunteer job at The Limelight theater.

I've read more books than I've ever read--and an getting smarter.

I'm thankful that my friend Keith gave me back my "Repo Man" DVD tin AUTOGRAPHED by the director!

And I'm thankful to all of you!


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