Conscientiously Stepping Out of the Mire

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I Helped to Save a Life Yesterday
So, yesterday I was in the YMCA locker room looking to shower off after my usual 2 and a half hours in the pool. There was a gentleman in a towel who spoke to me saying: "could you do me a favor?" I was a little hesitant since it was a men's locker room and I have a mind that frequents the gutter. But, I said sure. He said: "could you go downstairs and tell them to get an ambulance?" I asked him to repeat to be sure I got that right. "My pulse is down to 20. I need an ambulance." So with a towel around my waist, I bolted out of the locker room without a moment to spare and quickly made my way down the stairs to the staff on duty and told them the situation. They called, 911 and they had a team of YMCA people go up the stairs and tend to the man. Later on I went back up their to shower and they took down my name and number as the person who told them what was going on. As I left the YMCA, one of the staff members shook my hand and told me that I had done something important. He repeated it a couple times. "I help save a life?" I thought. I didn't resuscitate the guy or anything. But, it felt good and I hope it will shave some of my bad karma.

Also, I went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago (I'll get into that more later!)


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