Conscientiously Stepping Out of the Mire

Here's to Over 230 hours at The Limelight!
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Hailing Frequencies: Awesome
In her 80s, she's still funny, vivacious, and gracious. At the panel, she, a famed cultural icon (beyond just Star Trek), was asked what was her greatest achievement. Her reply? "My son." That's class. (P.S. I got to shake her hand which was just mind blowing. Would Nimoy or Shatner do that?)

Nichelle Nichols and Me (reduced sized)

My inner 13-year-old is appeased.

Time Capsule

Things have been hard these last few 4 months. I've developed sciatica halfway through December and that has put a crimp on the level of exercise I've been used to for the last 2 years. That coupled with the winter weather hasn't helped either. My mood has been in a bad spot.

The good news is that I've still been able to stick with doing the things I'm supposed to (except exercise), but life seems so "blah". Actually, it's been more than "blah", it's felt very bleak. It's time to buckle down. My physical therapy is done and I've been given the professional go-ahead continue exercising the gym.

What this post is, is a time capsule. I want the future me to take a look back and reflect. Did things get better 6 months from now/ago? So, future-me, how'd I do?

My First (Short) Documentary
So, FINALLY, I am allowed to post my project from Doc Pro One (a module of The Documentary Center here in downtown Bellingham).  It is a piece on one of our three remaining video rental stores: Film is Truth (also here in downtown Bellingham). There was a dispute before showing about the original music, but ultimately both are up on YouTube (just on separate channels).

I also want to say "thank you" to my teacher who helped me give it the final polish.


The Original Version:

The More Commercially Viable** Version

**Film Is Truth wants to use the second one for commercial purposes on their website.

A Time for Miracles
Between the years 2002 to 2011, I had been hospitalized 9 times for psychiatric reasons.  Two years ago around this time, I was released from the hospital, and I have not been back since.  That's 2 years of sustained overall health--the first time in well over a decade.  That's the best present I could get; actually it's more of a miracle than a present.

To all of you: I hope your day today is merry bright!

Jean-Luc Reminds Goes all Linus and Reminds Us of the True Spirit of the Holidays

A Small Thanksgiving Message

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I've had problems with having the feeling of gratitude of late (but, it's just of late), and the wonky feeling should pass.  But, despite it all I am grateful.  I'm grateful that I've been given a new chance to change the course of my life.  I'm grateful for the increased lucidity balanced with good emotional control.  I'm grateful I got to meet an adolescent icon this Summer ("Weird" Al Yankovic).  I'm grateful that I've lost nearly 40 lbs this year.  I'm grateful I'm out of debt.  While I haven't found a job yet, I have been able to stay at my volunteer position over the last year and a half at the Limelight.  In fact I could just list what I already have on this blog.

But, mainly, I want to speak of a subtle, small awakening at the true value of my family and friends.  I'm very blessed to know all of you and to have you in my life.

Once again have the Happiest of Thanksgivings!

More of My Artwork
I don't think I've drawn as much or produced as much artwork in since I was in the single digits.

Captain Navel Gaze copy

I Have *FINALLY* Lost Over a Decade's Worth of Weight!

In the Summer of 2002, five years after high school, I had an unfortunately let myself go.  So starting out at a 24 Hour Fitness, I found that I had ballooned up to 278 lbs.  I was appalled.  "How can this ever get any WORSE?!"  (hurr, hurr).  And off and on I would set out to to lose weight unsuccessfully.  Intermittent periods where I was on Lithium or Depakote or worst of all, both didn't help matters.

11 years later and 118 lbs added in the middle, I am pleased to report that I am now 275 lbs--3 lbs less than the weight I was appalled by 11 years ago.  Perspective, it's all about perspective.

I have now lost a *decade* worth of weight!  It's time to finish the job.

Thank you to those who have cheered me on.  That has been indescribably helpful in keeping up my morale in this endeavor.

After a year of volunteering...
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It's a small achievement to be sure (a year there earns a volunteer their own name embossed name tag), but it shows me and others that I'm still employable.


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