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sawigajig's Journal

Conscientiously Stepping Out of the Mire
31 May
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  • sawigajig@livejournal.com
The specific purpose of this new LJ is to mark personal progress. The focus will be on what I've learned and what I'm presently doing to make my life better. It will serve as a solid record that I can bounce back from severe misfortune. I can confer to this if I get demoralized in future.

My voice here is to be different than on my previous LJ. It's a focus on a Tortoise-mentality than a Hare-mentality that's been reaped me no end of getting my Irish rear-end handed to me.

The main rules I'm setting for myself for this blog:

1) Posts must be what I've done or doing rather than posting "what I'm gonna do" [TM].

2) Posts must be affirmative.

3) Posts must refrain from excess links, YouTube videos *unless* they are directly related to the post.